Mid-Central Working Dobermans Club
Member club of the United Doberman Club - to protect and preserve the working abilities of the Total Doberman Pinscher and to promote responsible dog ownership in the United States of America.

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MCWDC IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that our club is hosting the 2017 UDC Nationals April 24th through the 29th 2017.

Dedicated to the Doberman Pinscher enthusiasts who want to preserve and promote the Doberman as the wonderful working breed it is. The Doberman is a very versatile breed and excels, in conformation, obedience,SARS, agility, tracking and schutzhund. We believe that a trained dog is a happy, safe dog.

While not a big dog club, we are 100% dedicated to always presenting the Doberman as the wonderful breed we have come to know and love. They are forever loyal and love to work for their owners. United Doberman Club Nationals is held in the spring of each year and you can check the UDC web site for trial dates. United Doberman Club

We support the Total Doberman seeking to improve conformation, temperament, heatlh and working ability. Our dogs serve as SAR, narcotics and bomb detection, therapy dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, and loving companions.

During the war Doberman breeders answered the call to arms sending many of their beloved pets into the war where they served as scouts and protectors for our men. They are attributed with saving thousands of lives by alerting our troops to danger and ambush. In their honor a statue "Always Faithful" was commissioned by the DPCA. The artist, Susan Bahary, cast the statue in bronze and it is bigger than life and stands on the island of Guam." 25 dog lost their lives, never to return to their homeland. We are forever awed by this most loving, loyal, and faithful Doberman. Their power, willingness to protect and serve has forever captured our hearts.

For more info go here:
Always Faithful
War Dogs
National War Dog Monument

Be sure to visit our Event page for complete info on upcoming events - IPO Workshop with Waine Singleton 5 time National Championship Trial helper in Sept and our Upcoming trail in Nov.


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