Mid-Central Working Dobermans Club
Member club of the United Doberman Club - to protect and preserve the working abilities of the Total Doberman Pinscher and to promote responsible dog ownership in the United States of America.

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2017 WORKSHOP Schedule-
Greg Doud Seminar

April 1 and 2nd 2017
May 20-21
Sept 23-24
Nov 4-5

$100.00 per dog per day for early reservation up to 3 weeks prior to event
Late reservation is $225.00 - Working spots are filled with both day entries first

Auditing/Observation available at $45.00 per day

If you have questions you can call Suzan at 660 441-3822.
You can also e mail us at the club e mail -mcwdclub@gmail.com

Early reservation is recommended as we have filled up every workshop. Motel info is listed below

You can enter online and pay online through paypal. Once you complete the entry form and submit the Entries - go to paypal and send payment to mcwdclub@gmail.com Then send the PayPal confirmation receipt to mcwdclub@gmail.com
Go to entry form:
See area motels

If you have questions you can call -Suzan at 660 441-3822 . You can also e mail us at the club e mail - mcwdclub@gmail.com

Check back often for updated information and mark your calendars.

Click here to go to the workshop entry form

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Call us 660 441-3822
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